The case study program is a more flexible model for both clients and students. With the case study method, we compress the business problem into a format that allows students to use their academic experience to provide solutions for a business problem in less time than a traditional internship. Since this program takes less time, the business problem is exposed to more than just one group of students. This allows clients to pick and choose between a larger number of solutions that may be beneficial for the organization. We have three formats for businesses interested in the case studies: classroom, Obodo Live Cases, and case competitions.

Obodo University: Cases in the Classroom

  • The Obodo Project takes your business case into a course to be used as part of a team project.
  • We coordinate the meetings between the school and the client.
  • When appropriate, we will also schedule a time for you to present your project to any of the classes that are interested in using your business case.
  • Solutions will include a business brief and presentation.

Obodo Live Cases

  • The Obodo Project places business cases on a private page on our website for all interested students.
  • You, the client make the decisions: How long you want your case posted and how many quality submissions needed is in your control.
  • Obodo Project representatives serve as the first gatekeeper of cases, only providing the best solutions directly to the client.
  • An Obodo Project data specialist will examine all cases for trends to provide insights beyond the optimal solution.

Case Competitions

  • All Obodo clients are eligible for case competitions sponsored by The Obodo Project or other organizations.
  • Solutions from all case winners will be provided to the client.

We are currently working on updating our first cases for you to explore. Please sign up here for case study updates!