The Application Process for Obodo Internships works in two phases:

Phase 1: General Application

  • High school juniors and seniors and all college level students may apply.
  • The expected GPA for applicants is a minimum 2.75 on a 4 point scale. If your GPA does not meet those expectations, you may express any causes or reasons why in the supplementary information section.
  • A 250-500 word letter of intent explaining how working with an entrepreneur for our program will either (a) help the student’s future as an entrepreneur, or (b) prepare them to enter the professional workforce.
  • One page resume is required for college students and recommended for high school students.
  • There is a supplementary information section that can be used to provide any information you feel you would like to share with the reviewers that may strengthen your application.
  • Within 3-5 business days, an Obodo representative will communicate if you are accepted for phase 2.

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Phase 2: Organization Matching

Respondents selected for the second round will be given 5 business days to solve a business problem. After completion, an Obodo representative will contact you regarding an interview that will cover your resume, prior experience, and brief discussion of your business problem.

Your business problem and interview will be scored by the Obodo staff, and you will be matched with organizations you best fit.

What if I’m not Accepted for Phase 2?

Dont be discouraged! If you are not accepted for phase 2, we have several ways for you to become eligible for internships.

Case Study

  • Every time you complete one of our cases–whether in a classroom project, case study competition, or through our Obodo Live Case, we score your solutions. If you receive a case score of above 90%, we will send you an email offering you to join our internship talent pool.
  • Interns may be selected by business clients for internship opportunities based on their case answers.
  • Your scores for every case you complete are archived by us–the more cases you complete, the more likely you will be selected for an internship!

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Obodo Cares

  • If you participate in an Obodo Cares project and you are interested in an internship, we will interview you regarding your role in the project.
  • If your interview is satisfactory, you will then be eligible for phase 2.

Volunteer with The Obodo Project!

We will have several volunteer positions within The Obodo Project specifically to prepare students for the formal internship program. Student volunteers in these roles will be entered into phase 2 upon completion of 20 volunteer hours.

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