There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than seeing a dream come to fruition. Although Woody and I have discussed starting a program like The Obodo Project in the past, we didn’t put our money where our mouths were until this spring. As soon as we started on our path, things moved quite quickly.

In May, we committed to developing The Obodo Project.

In June, we received fiscal sponsorship.

In July, we received our first donations to the program, as well as our first business partners to provide internships for students.

In August, we were selected to become part of the first class of Leap 2 Lead coaches, and learned a leadership curriculum that will greatly benefit the students we want to work with. We finished that training in September.

Now, in October, we are ready to build the TOP Community. Our dream of being able to serve businesses and students by transforming their problems into internships, projects, and educational modules can’t be successful without you.

Dear Businesses: If you have any problem that you are interested in scaling to a project, internship, or case study for students to engage in, please share your information with us.

Dear Students: If you want to be kept abreast of internship openings as they come, please submit an application here.

Potential Volunteers: There will be many students who need mentoring help, and we would love you to join our community as well. Please sign up here.

Potential Donors and Sponsors: We value you, and without you, we will not be able to serve the needs of students or businesses. Please donate here, or email us at for more information.

We thank you for visiting the site and exploring our vision. We are even more excited that you will soon be joining our community!


Doug Franklin

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