The Obodo Project (TOP) is founded and based on community. We all share the collective burden and benefits of supporting each other. If a rising tide lifts all boats, we believe a deeper sea can carry all ships to their destination. The “ships” we captain for The Obodo Project are:

1. EntrepreneurSHIP:

The relentless drive and determination to blaze a trail and do the hard work of creating something. Being an entrepreneur is hard work and it’s reassuring to have a community of people with similar struggles and successes. The share of new entrepreneurs in the 20 to 34-year old demographic has dropped dramatically, from 34.8% in 1996 to 22.7% in 2013. TOP can be a resource throughout your entrepreneurial life cycle as both a student and business owner.

2. MentorSHIP:

The effusive spirit of helping others along their entrepreneurial journey through teaching, sharing, and caring. With businesses failing at an alarming rate, having the right advisors, advocates, and allies in your community can be the difference between surviving and thriving. TOP has the infrastructure and network to provide the necessary guidance and support for successful entrepreneurs.

MentorSHIP: Although 44% of new jobs come from startup companies, they don’t remain in the economy for long. We want to help you find the mentoring that you need to prosper. (graph from

3. OwnerSHIP:

The authentic sense of purpose anchored in personal accountability and collective responsibility necessary to sustain and build an effective community. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, even though entering in a challenging environment, new businesses are on the rise and a key indicator of economic recovery. TOP provides a comprehensive business and professional development component to students and businesses to supplement the applied learning and execution of our projects.

OwnerSHIP: With the rise in businesses, there is opportunity, but more competition. The Obodo Project wants to help you stand out from the rest by providing business and professional development training. (graph from

4. LeaderSHIP:

The real essence of TOP is being a leader in service to others. As a TOP Student, TOP Business, or TOP Partner the community is strengthened and solidified through your continued engagement, insight, and thought leadership. Even with the social progress our country has experienced, the C-Suite of Fortune 500 companies has become an increasingly unwelcoming place for underrepresented minorities. Starting a new business is an act of economic empowerment and TOP can help you realize your full entrepreneurial potential as a leader of your own business.

 Figure: New CEOs by year: 2000-January 2014.                                              LeaderSHIP: In a workforce that is becoming increasingly more diverse, the growth in CEO diversity is stagnant. However, entrepreneurship for minorities continues to grow! Creating your own business is a step in the right direction for you to maximize your leadership. Be the captain, but let us be part of your crew! (graph from Who Rules America?)

Our Community Needs Captains like YOU!

Our community needs you and our can community can help you. More importantly, you can help others in our community that need you! Yes, you!

Businesses: If you have any problem that you are interested in scaling to a project, internship, or case study for students, please share your information with us.

Students: If you want to be stay informed of internship opportunities and continue to develop your business acumen and skills, please submit an application here.

Volunteers: If you have time, talent, or treasure to offer and are willing to be mentor to TOP students or businesses, we would love you to join our community as well. Please sign up here.

Donors and Sponsors: If you want to join a growing and robust community of entrepreneurs set on improving the world we share, we welcome you to join and support The Obodo Project. Please donate here, or email us at for more information.

We are grateful that you’ve taken the time to visit our site and explore our community. We welcome your engagement and feedback and hope that you will choose to join The Obodo Project.

-Woodrow Scott

Co-Founder, The Obodo Project

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